Creating Audiences

An audience represents a combination of many customer personas, that have the same persona data model settings (i.e. the audience segments start with the same entity).

Before creating audiences, you should create at least one personal data model settings and at least one customer persona.

To create an audience that you can later use in your campaigns, follow these steps:

Step 1. Insert audience

In the Audiences List page, click the Insert button () at the top right corner of the page. The audience configuration page opens.

Step 2. Define the audience

The audience configuration page opens by default on the Define tab.

Type the Name of the audience and select the Context Entity, that is the entity you added the customer persona data model, then click the Save and reload button at the top right corner of the page to save the audience. The audience will have the status Draft:

You can now set up the audience.

Step 3. Set up the audience

Click the Setup tab.

You can combine the desired customer personas using union, intersect or except, directly or creating subgroups.

You cannot combine in the same audience definition customer personas which have context entities . Audiences can be defined only by combining customer personas with the same context entity.

The table below provides all the settings you can do in the Setup section:

Setting Description
Preview Allows you to generate an excel file with all the information resulted from the segments combination.
Include Allows you to combine segments using union and intersect operators.
Include Operator To combine segments, you should select at least one intersect or union operator
Intersect operator adds only common data from combined segments to audience.
Union operator adds all data from all combined segments to audience.
Add Audience Segment Allows you to add an audience segment by clicking the plus (+) sign and selecting Add Audience Segment.
After selecting the desired audience segment, it will be inserted into the digital audience. 
Add Group

Allows you to add a group of audience segments by clicking the plus (+) sign and selecting Add Group.

Delete an audience segment

Click the X sign to delete an inserted audience segment.

Choosing another audience segment Allows you to use another audience segment by clicking on audience segment and selecting another one from the drop-down list.
Exclude Allows you to combine segments using union and intersect operators. The resulted data will be used to exclude records from the audience. You can combine more audience segments with union and intersect and you can also create nested groups of audience segments.

Audience Setup Examples

View Referenced Segments

To view the list of segments used in the audience, click the Referenced Segments tab. All the segments listed have been used when setting up the audience (Setup section).