Business workflows help organizations coordinate tasks between people and synchronize data between systems, with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and responsiveness.

Workflow stages show the status of a record in the workflow and provide processing that must occur for the record to move to the next phase. The tasks, information or documents are passed from one status to another (from one participant to another for action) either manually or triggered by business rules or actions specified for that specific status.

Business rule transitions enforce business logic, such as checking if the user has entered the required data or has proper security to perform a transition.

The Business Workflows Processor enables you to set an easy-to-follow process by using rules-driven business workflows, which helps users within your organization be more efficient, operate faster and better understand the actual business logic underlying the business process.

In FintechOS, business status has approval tasks embedded and stores audit information related to stage transition as well.

FintechOS provides you with centralized management of digital statuses, through dedicated lists and user interfaces for configuring statuses and transitions from one status to another.

Business Workflows Processor Features

  • Automatation of repetitive tasks
  • Adaptive business rules
  • Easily visualize and design your workflows
  • Role based access and controls
  • Audit trail


The Business Workflows Processor can facilitate business processes, such as:

  • Customer account
  • Loan applications
  • Case management


FintechOS Studio comes with the Business Workflows Processor pre-installed.